Convent at Dietramszell

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You are visiting a monastery that was founded in the year 1099 by Abbot Udalschalk of Tegernsee. The first provost of this monastery of the Order of St. Augustine was Dietram, hence the name of Dietramszell. During the first half of the 18th century, the provosts Petrus Offner of Beuerberg and Dietram II of Weilheim converted the monastery into a baroque jewel. In spite of secularisation (around 1804) much of the old inventory was preserved because part the monastery became the retirement home for the Order of Clarissa, which was located at St. Jacob at the Anger in Munich. In 1831 the Order of the Visitation came to Dietramszell and is continuing here at as a convent.




At the history of the Sisters of the Visitation at Dietramszell                                            

In 1610, Francis of Sales, Bishop of Geneva, and the young widow Jane Frances de Chantal, mother of four children, founded the Order of the Visitation at Annecy (Savoy, Italy). Via Chambéry, Aosta and Vercelli in Italy, the Sisters of the Order arrived in 1667 in Munich, Germany. The Electoress Henrietta Adelaide, Princess of Turin, called them to provide education of female youths. Later she built a baroque convent at the Altheimer Eck, nowadays the Damenstiftskirche. In 1763 it was transfered to Indersdorf (a small town in Bavaria) where it gained the favour of King Ludwig I because of its outstanding school.




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